7 Aug 2013

♥Never Say Bye...It's Always See You Again♥

As the wedding is sadly over, I've started a new blog !

Come check it out and say hello - I hope that you will join me on the next chapter of my life. For now it's goodbye. It's been a real pleasure.

The Thai Bride

6 Aug 2013

Happy Honeymoon

After the wedding, we stayed two extra days in Railay Beach while everyone else went their separate ways. It was a weird feeling after constantly being around other people, to being alone again!!! It was initially a little sad (you know that feeling after getting home from an amazing fun filled school camp and then feeling alone?!) but then excitement kicked in that we we about to explore another country...!

So off to Vietnam we went. We had the most incredible 2 weeks filled with lots of yummy food, cheap drinks, sunshine, luxury resorts (with our own butler and private lagoon), city bustling, cruising, shopping and adventuring! I definitely would LOVE to return to this country one day. It surprised and delighted both of us.